Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Code of Practice

WEA Sydney is an adult education organisation and was established in 1913. It is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in the objective study of arts, humanities and sciences. The Association has no party-political or sectarian ties and welcomes all those who wish to join its activities or assist in the pursuit of its objectives. This Code of Practice sets out the guidelines for the ethical conduct of the Association.

This Code of Practice is drawn to the attention of all prospective students. It is available on WEA Sydney website. Copies of this code and WEA Sydney’s Quality manual and Procedure manual are also available for inspection in the WEA Library.

WEA Sydney is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registered with the National VET Regulator (NVR) and is required to comply with the conditions of its registration.

WEA Sydney is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registered with the National VET Regulator (NVR) and is required to comply with the conditions of its registration.

In line with the Standard for NVR Registered Training Organisation (SNR), WEA Sydney practises the principles of accessibility and equity. WEA Sydney does not discriminate against any person on any grounds whatsoever. Language used by WEA Sydney staff, volunteers, trainers and tutors will always be in a way which supports inclusivity and mutual respect.

Recognising that access and equity in adult education involves the removal of obstacles to learning and the active encouragement of those who may have benefited little from education in the past, WEA Sydney undertakes the following:

  • Enrolments are made on a first come first served basis determined by the payment of the appropriate advertised fee.
  • Enrolment staff shall assist prospective students in selecting appropriate courses on request at the time of enrolment.
  • Course fees are graded to take account of people entitled to concessions and seniors' card holders.
  • Courses are scheduled as far as possible, at times which take into account the needs of students in meeting their work, family and other commitments.
  • Course and program information is made available to the community by means of the widest possible distribution of brochures through public libraries, TAFE Information Services, government and commercial agencies, the Sydney metropolitan press and the WEA website:


  • WEA Sydney maintains high professional standards in the delivery of education and training which safeguards the interests and welfare of our students.
  • WEA Sydney strives to provide a learning environment and facilities which are conductive to the comfort and needs of our students and tutors.
  • Courses are presented by appropriately qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Student feedback is welcomed to help in maintaining and improving our standards of service. In addition to course evaluations students are invited to talk to or write to Tutors and/or the Education Managers about their feelings – good or bad.
  • WEA Sydney reserves the right to remove from class, students who do not behave in an acceptable and appropriate manner towards tutors, staff and other students, or who do not respect the property of the association or other students (see section 14).
  • WEA Sydney reserves the right to refuse enrolment as permitted by law.
  • WEA Sydney has the right to charge fees for its courses.


  • WEA follows ethical marketing processes and seeks to avoid ambiguity, inaccuracy and inconsistency in advertising its courses.
  • Only Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) accredited courses carry the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo.
  • Accredited courses are delivered and assessed according to WEA Sydney’s registered scope, and the requirements of NVR.
  • WEA Sydney’s registered scope is available on

WEA maintains a Quality System comprising a Quality Manual, a Procedure Manual, Standard Forms and Records. WEA has adopted a process for periodic self-assessment and is committed to continual improvement of our educational and administrative processes. Copies of the Quality Manual and Procedure Manual may be inspected in the WEA Library.

Information concerning students and candidates made available to WEA Sydney in registration or enrolment forms will be used by WEA Sydney for the purposes of general student administration, general communication, provision of course information, state and national reporting, program monitoring and evaluation. Information will be provided to all such government agencies and/or organizations so authorized to receive such information where the provision of this information is necessary for WEA Sydney to continue to operate as a registered training organization (see 2. above) and for registration and re-registration purposes. WEA Sydney follows its dedicated Privacy Policy Guidelines, enacted in accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, which commenced 12 March, 2014.

Adopted by the Board of WEA Sydney on 2 May 2014
Resolution B14/10

Legislative Requirements

WEA Sydney fully complies with the various legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to its activities, and particularly in the areas of access and equity, child protection, all forms of discrimination and harassment, and occupational health and safety. All WEA Sydney staff and tutors are required to be familiar with these requirements as they relate to their jobs, and to observe them at all times.

Copies of the relevant legislation can be viewed online from Government websites, following these links:

WEA Sydney carries full Property, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.