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Acts of Subversion: Two 21st Century Australian Novels

Jump into the unknown with novels both modern and provocative. The novel is always new and it may also act as subversive mirror to the past, present and future. In this course we will focus on a close reading and understanding of two new Australian novels, over 5 sessions. The role of the novel in Australia today, the interweaving of 'real' and 'fictional' characters, the importance of the literary past and the sheer joy in seeing master novelists at work will form part of the our... [More]

No Home for a Lady? Five Women Travelling in the '90s

This new course will follow the different paths of five women travellers writing of their adventures and romance. We will visit Rajasthan, Damascus, Jordon, Greece and Zimbabwe and on our travels will visit the lives and culture of the writers and those that they meet and sometimes love. COURSE INFORMATION Course Author: Susannah Fullerton Course Code: D137 Supplied Material: Course Booklet Lieve Joris, The Gates of Damascus Royina Grewal, In Rajasthan Annie Caulfield, Kingdom of... [More]

Sharing the World: People and other Animals

Animals are an intrinsic part of literature. From childhood to maturity, we read about rabbits in coats, lost dogs, man hunting whales and clever foxes. We share this earth with thousands of other species: we love and eat them, skin and tame them; and we write about them. In this course we explore some literary animals, our connections to them and why these relationships are wonderful and perplexing. From the domestic to wild, and in several genres, we examine how we too are one of... [More]

Best Of The Best: Famous Literary Characters

Of all the characters we meet in our reading lives, there are few who become very real to us – so real that we feel we actually know them. In this course we will look at how it is that writers can sometimes achieve this by the way in which they use description, conversation and interaction. This is not going to be a highly academic course, rather a collection of starting points for students to put forward their own ideas. The texts are well known, so there’s Elizabeth Bennet and... [More]

Literary Landscapes: Cities and Beyond

Complex, ambiguous; familiar and alien – these are the cities of the world. In this course we explore the writing that has created and exposed the landscapes and structures, both built and natural, of four of the world’s great cities. The main landmarks, social, historical and cultural characteristics and events, and both fictional and real people will be touched on, showing how they are used in the literature and how the literature creates a certain impression of each city. The... [More]

Crossing Boundaries - Novels That Explore the Unusual and Unexpected

This course is based on 4 novels all of which move beyond the familiar aspects of literature concerning place, character, ideas and structure to examine those that are disturbing and confronting. They refuse neat categorisation, and the unusual and extraordinary aspects of the selected novels may unsettle and challenge readers but there is also delight in being stimulated and crossing the boundaries of the expected or ‘normal’ novel. Novels studied: All the Light We Cannot See by... [More]

Timeless Places: Exploring Great Cities through Literature - Sydney, Paris and Dublin

Travel through three great cities of the world via the literature that each has inspired. The cities we will be exploring are Sydney (city of water), Paris (city of love) and Dublin (the divided city), each of which is reflected in a large body of literature and it is through this, that the essences of each of these cities shifts over times and within different genres. This course cuts across the boundary between literature and travel and is accompanied by a source book of extracts... [More]

The Creative Impulse

Creativity is one way of separating humans from other animals. From divine inspiration to blood, sweat and tears it is a rare and powerful force. We all enjoy the products of creativity, from art, photography and music- to theatre, novels and architecture but few people have the ability to actually make these essential parts of our culture. In this course we explore the processes of creativity, (inspiration, imagination and sheer hard work); the effect on the maker and the value of... [More]

Partners in Crime

Murder has never been so popular, This course looks at five dishy detectives who solve crimes in ancient Rome, 1920s Melbourne and modern America at the same time as falling in love. You will discuss how successfully crime plot and love story have been balanced, look at the role of humour in a murder novel and analyse the importance of having a charming detective. This is a Discussion Group course, if you aren’t already part of a group please see ‘Getting Started’ below.   COURSE... [More]

Determined Heroines

This course will examine a variety of ‘determined heroines’ within English language novels. The five novels examine the pressures these heroines face, look at their desire for independence and at their goals, and enable discussion to occur on whether or not their determination/stubborness can be seen as a strength or a weakness in terms of their personal happiness. COURSE INFORMATION Course Author: Susannah Fullerton Course Code: D122 Supplied Material: Course Booklet Charlotte... [More]