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Who'll Come A-Waltzing? - Australian Poetry In Focus

The Australian poetic voice is vibrant, entertaining, moving and memorable. There is so much about Australia, the land and its people, embedded in its poetry. Each unit of this course will explore poetic forms as they address what it means to be Australian and how our great land informs our identity. Meet our great poets and our obscure poets and learn about our rich plethora of truly memorable poetry. This is a Discussion Group course, if you aren’t already part of a group please... [More]

"All the World’s a Stage..." Quoting Shakespeare

The words of Shakespeare are alive. After 400 years people still quote from his famous speeches, for as Ben Jonson said of his friend: “he was not of an age but for all time”. This will be a hands on course where we will look at some famous speeches from a variety of Shakespeare’s plays. We will analyse why the speeches work so well within their context, and investigate just why these words and sayings continue to fascinate people today. We will look for situations that elicit... [More]

Down Memory Lane: Famous Poems We Knew and Loved

We all have snippets of poetry in our minds, whether its “Tyger, tyger burning bright ..”, or ”shall I compare thee to a summer’s day ..”, , but not all of us know the whole poems from which famous lines come, who write them, or what their proper context is. This entertaining course presents a multitude of excerpts from famous, well-loved poems and is organised into separate themes: descriptive poetry, love poems, eulogies and nonsense poems, Australian examples, and patriotic... [More]

"Man’s Inhumanity to Man" - A Study of the Poetry of War

Some of the world’s earliest writings are in the form of poetry and many of them concern war or “man’s inhumanity to man”. This course will look at poems written before 1914; poems about World War 1 and Spain; World War II and subsequent wars. Historical background will be included. Poets from the best of their day to absolute unknowns will be read. This is a Discussion Group course, if you aren’t already part of a group please see ‘Getting Started’ below. Independent Study... [More]